Market Investigation

We expose a sample of 9 countries of our market study, nevertheless, the total averages contains data from the 20 different countries.

South America and Caribbean, 2017 Market Investigation

We have conducted a precise and exhaustive market study of the microfinancial sector in Latin America. Developing both financial and impact metrics. In the graphs to the right, we expose various samples of our conclusions.

The study has been performed analyzing 294 microfinancial institutions of 20 different countries of South America and Caribbean, at the start of 2017. All the data was obtained from Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX Markets), as well as, balance sheets and income statements of each microfinancial institution.

See our Full Reports below


DreamCatcher Fund will very shortly release full reports about the microfinancial sector in South America and Caribbean. We have developed two principal reports: ” The Microfinancial sector, South America´s and Caribbean Countries 2017″  &  ” The 100 Best Microfinancial Institutions in 2017, South America and Caribbean”