What we do

DreamCatcher Fund is a project specialized in the creation of a socially responsible investment fund that seeks to generate significant social impact, parallel to achieving interesting financial returns for investors. Our objective is to develop an attractive and sustainable investment vehicle, that generates progress and development in impoverished communities in South America and Caribbean.

Our impact investment fund aims to channel investments through microfinancial institutions of Latin America to promote and stimulate financial inclusion. Creating opportunities of growth and development for vulnerable individuals.

Why we do it

Our motivation to develop this project is dual. On one hand, we are committed to generating socially responsible investment opportunities, promoting a sustainable and collaborative economy. In addition we are also driven by the importance of creating equality of opportunities through financial inclusion, helping reduce world poverty and boosting stabilized prosperity. 


DreamCatcher Fund´s desire is to develop an attractive investment alternative that focuses on generating a significant social impact, through financial inclusion.

How we do it

Investor deposit capital in DreamCatcher Fund. We target investors that are interested in generating a social impact, while achieving risk-adjusted returns.

DreamCatcher Fund creates a optimal portfolio of microfinancial institutions using both financial and impact metrics. Adjusting the porfolio to our goals and values.

We channel our capital, investing in microfinancial institution through debt or equity. By financing microfinancial institution, DreamCatcher Fund receives a financial return.

Microfinancial institution provide financial services to impoverish people in underdeveloped region, generating opportunities of grow and development. Hence, generating an extensive social impact.

Micro entrepreneurs refers to impoverished individuals that through financial access develop micro business to grow and improve their quality of life.