DreamCatcher Fund is a project born in 2018 with the objective of providing financial access to impoverished people in underdeveloped regions in South America and the Caribbean. We believe in generating equality of opportunities to those that are excluded from the traditional banking system because of their economic limitations. DreamCatcher Fund is a project specialized in developing a impact investment fund oriented at financing microfinancial institution, with the goal of reducing world´s poverty and promoting the importance of sustainability and social awareness.



DreamCatcher Fund main objective is to design an optimal impact investment fund that contributes significantly to financial inclusion in South America and Caribbean. Giving investors the opportunity to generate  a noteworthy and quantifiable social impact parallel to achieving patrimonial growth.


Our investment fund is characterized for being socially responsible, we offer an interesting investment  alternative with both social impact and financial returns. In Dreamcatcher Fund is fully committed with reducing the world´s economic disparities with a sustainable and long lasting effect.

Financial inclusion is consider to be a key enabler in reducing poverty and boosting prosperity (World Bank). Our objective is to strengthen and amplify this effect by investing in the institution that provide financial access in underdeveloped regions.

Our objective is to raise awareness  by generating multi media content of when, where and how our investments are being utilized, allowing investors follow the social impact they are creating. As well as, giving voice and visibility to the social problems in today´s society.


We believe that sustainability and equality of opportunities are essential pillars for the foundation of a global and just society. In DreamCatcher Fund we are devoted to the empowerment of individuals that are held back due to their economic status. We are determined to address social inequalities with a sustainable business model that allows impoverished communities to achieve development and progress.


DreamCatcher Fund believes in a world where all have access to a worthy quality of life.



Our values serve as a steering wheel for our decisions and actions. Representing the true spirit of DreamCatcher Fund.

We are committed with developing the most optimal and efficient porfolio, providing the best combination between social and financial revenue.

We are devoted to generating a social impact with our investments. Our efforts will always have social implications as a priority.

We give utmost importance to respect, honesty, courage and commitment. All essential in progress, collaboration and achievement. 

We are characterized for our willingness to develop and innovate new possibilities to reach our goals

We believe in the power of unified generosity where all have the possibility to generate positive change. Sharing experiences and giving a helping hand is key to reaching our goals.

In DreamCatcher Fund we have a collaborative mindset. We believe that cooperating can only have positive outcomes in our efforts towards creating an impact.

We are fully committed to showing our investors periodic financial and impact reports. As well as, showing investors when, where and how their investments are being utilized. Through multimedia content and social networks.