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Social Investing, Social Responsibility & Social Media

Dreamcatcher Fund is a project specialized in the creation of an impact investment fund that supports and generates opportunities for those financially excluded in underdeveloped regions. Our goal is to empower impoverished  communities and individuals by giving them access to financial instruments.  Enabling them to grow and develop at a sustainable rate.

Dreamcatcher Fund´s main objective is to steer first world savings and investments through Microfinancial Institutions. Generating an economic profitability for investors and a big impact toward reducing world poverty.


Investment Fund

DreamCatcher Fund will allow investors to achieve attractive economical returns parallel to contributing to the development of impoverished communities. DreamCatcher Fund´s investments are also highly uncorrelated from the global markets, giving investors the possibility of diversifying their portfolio.

Financial Inclusion

Offering financial instruments to low -income individuals in underdeveloped regions, who are excluded from the tradicional banking system, is know as financial inclusion. The World Bank considers financial inclusion to be a key enabler in reducing poverty and boosting prosperity.

Social Impact

DreamCatcher Fund´s investors will be supplying impoverished and underdeveloped communities with the necessary tools to achieve a sustainable and long-lasting development. Investor will be directly contributing to the reduction of the world´s economic disparity.


Microfinance refers to the provision of financial instruments to low-income individuals that are excluded from the tradicional banking system because of their economical situation. It also known as financial inclusion. Microfinance´s main objective is to offer banking services to underdeveloped communities, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop sustainability. Financial inclusion is considered to be one of the most significant pathways towards reducing world poverty. Microfinancial Institutions are those in charge of providing financial inclusion, throughout microloans, micro-deposits, micro-payments and micro-insurance. Granting possibilities of investing and saving to individuals in poverty situations, both essential to improve their future prosperity.

Market Investigation

The microfinancial sector is composed by over 3500 microfinancial institutions throughout  the world. DreamCatcher Fund is focused on South and Central America, where there are over 500 microfinancial institutions that provide financial access to more than 214 million families, who in many cases live under the poverty threshold, less than 1,90$ per day.  In DreamCatcher fund we have performed an exhaustive market investigation of all the microfinancial institutions in South and Central America. We have analysed the the microfinancial with great detail and depth, used both financial and social impact metrics to design a portfolio that fit our values and requirements. 


DreamCatcher Fund is fully committed with generating a large and sustainable social impact. Nevertheless, we consider that the creation of an impact investment fund is not enough. We aspire to develop a social awareness campaign, where investors and individuals will have the opportunity to observe and follow the social impact generated by DreamCatcher Fund. Our objective is to create a large multimedia content, throughout social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, where investors will have the capacity to follow and analyze with great detail how, when and where their investments are being utilized. Creating a proactive bond between the investors and the common goal of reducing world poverty.


DreamCatcher Fund is determined to develop a impact entrepreneurship community. DreamCatchers Fund´s blog objective is to publish diverse entries and articles concerning microfinance and other social impact practices. The main goal is to educate and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and equality of opportunities. DreamCatcher Fund´s blog will allow individuals and investors to subscribe and receive a variety of interesting publications related to philanthropic investing.

Will also be open to receiving articles regarding the blog´s theme for their publication. With the objetive of developing a dynamic community, where all mind frames fit and grow with each other.


Interested in publishing? Send us an e-mail to: info@dreamcatcherfund.net